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I never weigh myself... but still a success

PostPosted: 18 May 2014, 12:02
by Banthafish
Hi all, came here to share this, as I am uncomfortable about sharing weight-loss stories with general people as I feel it can trigger body shame/eating disorder behavior.

I have always been plump, and pretty happy with that. I don't mind being plus size as long as I feel healthy. I decided to do 5:2, partly for health reasons, but mostly because I don't have much self control. I figured, if I could fast for 2 days a week, that would let me off being a bit of a piggy the rest of the time. I love my food, and I have never dieted, ever - though my weight has yoyod as a result of some lifestyle changes. I know this is a different attitude to many people on here, but I don't have a particular weight or bmi goal, just to be a bit healthier. I found doing 5:2 has made me adjust my portion sizes a fair bit on non fast days.

Started 5:2 roughly a year ago, and have done it on and off (I had a bereavement and took a break from it around that time). I never ever weigh myself, I don't even own scales. As a result I wasn't sure it was working, but I continued along anyway. Last night I spent the evening trying on clothes which haven't fit me for years, much to my delight - i can wear them again! I have gone from being mostly a size 18 to definitely a 16 and sometimes a 14 (most of my clothes are from charity shops, so I have a very wide range of sizes from 10 to 20 and I just make things work, as a consequence I am not even sure what size I am! probably 14/16).

I don't think i will ever know how much weight have lost, and I don't want to know either - I am just happy that my old stuff fits me again. It's such an easy eating plan to follow, that I will probably stick with it - though I don't want to lose too much more weight as I can't afford new clothes at the moment!

Re: I never weigh myself... but still a success

PostPosted: 18 May 2014, 17:10
by carorees
@Banthafish thank you so much for posting this. It is so great that you have gained a tool that gives you a sense of control over what you eat without having to give up any foods that you love and that into the bargain you have improved your health by losing a little weight. The fact that you don't know how much doesn't matter a jot but it is clear from your post that your new way of life is really suiting you! Congratulations!

Re: I never weigh myself... but still a success

PostPosted: 18 May 2014, 18:17
by wildmissus
A great post. So many of us get so caught up with the weight lose side of things and forget about the health benefits.