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Gallbladder op

PostPosted: 03 Nov 2017, 22:33
by Ellie137
Just wondering if anyone is fasting after the op of gallbladder removal. Since docs are saying one should be eating 5-6 times a day (even though they speak of small portions to me being a small eater it seems too much) looks like one can`t be fasting. Or can one? :?:

Re: Gallbladder op

PostPosted: 04 Nov 2017, 01:27
by Tracieknits
Hi Ellie

Sorry for the delay in getting you approved!! I got a job and I haven't been around so much

I can't tell you for sure to go against that doctor's advice.

I can tell you that I had my gallbladder out. My understanding of the process is that the liver continuously produces bile, which is used to digest fatty foods. The gall bladder stores the bile until you eat a fatty meal, and then releases it. When there is no gall bladder, you simply have a steady stream of bile being released into your digestive tract -- a trickle. This results in one pronounced side effect -- diarrhea. The reason your doctor is suggesting multiple small meals is to sort of mop up the trickle of bile by constantly having food in your system. I *believe* this is simply to make you more comfortable.

I can confirm that this side effect from the bile does, eventually get mostly resolved. Eventually. Your body apparently learns to cope with the extra bile.

I am not a doctor, I'm just someone who is in the same boat as you. What I can assure you is that if you want to attempt fasting for 24 to 36 hours, Just listen to your body. If the side effects become to pronounced, or too urgent, then eat. I would probably choose something fatty in order to mop up the bile.

Now if you're not sure you want to try fasting until you're more used to life without a gall bladder, you could try low carb. It's something many people on this forum have turned to. My endocrinologist recommended to me.

Good luck!

Re: Gallbladder op

PostPosted: 08 Nov 2017, 22:35
by ADFnFuel
Hello Ellie137 !

Consider a trip to the book store to (at least) read the index selections for "gallbladder issues" in the book "KETO for Cancer" by Miriam Kalemian which, by implication of other intimately related topics, should address several of your concerns. (Serendipity in action here. I've literally just finished reading this book! )

Keto - abbreviated from the word ketosis, is the biological process for how the body uses fat for energy.