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ME and Me!

PostPosted: 17 Apr 2018, 08:29
by nursebean
Hi everyone!

Well recently I returned in full charge ready to start fasting again. I even ventured back to ADF (alternate day fasting or every other day). Anyway, my dreaded ME symptoms have got a lot worse and so I had to scrap the fasting - and ended up comfort eating for a while.

For me, I think I will try to keep my carbs low and keep calories to 800 daily. Lets see how this works. ME is so miserable. Just when I think I'm better it pulls me back down. I had to do 2 12 hour shifts this week and it has really put me back in a major way. At least my boss seems to appreciate my position now and I will only ever have to do a 12 hour shift if its an emergency so I feel happier about that.

I really wish I had the energy to exercise. I pretty much have to collapse on the sofa once I've done a morning's work. Sigh! Anyway, BSD? Here I come!

Bean :bugeyes:

Re: ME and Me!

PostPosted: 17 Apr 2018, 10:37
by cblasz
I'm so sorry to hear that @Nursebean! I'm glad you are feeling better. Maybe the ADF was too much? Maybe you should try regular 5:2 or 16:8? As far as exercise, I'm sure you get a lot in at work (do you wear a fitbit?) and so maybe you can just exercise on your days off? That's sort of what I do. I get a lot of walking in as a teacher and will try to get a real 15 minute walk in or something, but I mostly exercise on the weekends. I'm exhausted at the end of the day too!

Re: ME and Me!

PostPosted: 17 Apr 2018, 10:55
by ADFnFuel

Re: ME and Me!

PostPosted: 17 Apr 2018, 11:48
by nursebean
Thank you for that interesting article @ADFnFuel it's always good to see that that more research is being done at last. Its such a hideous illness because of the stigma. I never know whether fasting is a good thing for CFS or not. I have so little energy at the moment that I'm tired on waking. Hey ho! Here's to better days!!

Thanks again!

Bean :sleepy:

Re: ME and Me!

PostPosted: 17 Apr 2018, 13:35
by Sassy1
You know your body best, @Nursebean, but I do wonder if fasting/ low cal diets are optimal when your body is already under a lot of stress. But I know you have successfully fasted and lost weight in the past - what does your doctor think? Feeling constantly exhausted must be awful, but is it suggested that you do try to get some exercise in the fresh air? Twelve hour shifts sound awful too, are you really needed to do that in an emergency? Surely your own health is a priority and important at work too? Best wishes and hope you are for feeling much better soon. :clover: