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Fasting today, Tuesday, 30.8. -16

PostPosted: 30 Aug 2016, 09:14
by Margotsylvia
Yippee, I lost some more weight! 57.1 kg, BMI I ques around 22,30. :lol:
Someone asked yesterday what 21/3 meant. Sorry about being obscure.
I haven't eaten anything yet today. Just water and black tea to drink.
I will have a snack after our afternoon walk about 15:00.
Then we'll have dinner at 18:00. It'll be leftover Chinese meal: hubby will eat it with cooked rice. But I'll have chopped up Zucchini/Courgette. :smile: I am eating low carbohydrate things as well and we have a lot of said veg. just now.
Then I will not eat again until 15:00 the next day.
I am not at all hungry and I feel mentally very good on this regimen.

I probably lost that weight, because - due to unexpected circumstances - I ate a minute amount of food at dinner time :lol: .