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Fasting Today - Monday 11th September 2017

PostPosted: 11 Sep 2017, 10:11
by StowgateResident
I thought that I would start us off today from a grey and cloudy UK. First fast day of the week for me as I try to get rid of my holiday gain. Black tea all day and then chicken and ratatouille this evening. I made it yesterday so it is an easy meal for a fast day.
Sundays are often a 'splurge' day for me because it is my 'official' weigh-in day, so I had half of a big bag of crisps and a chocolate-covered biscuit in addition to my salad lunch and roast chicken dinner. However, I didn't have wine, so that's something of a win!
This morning I have taken our dog for a short walk, done a very small amount of hula-hooping (having wiped the dust off it!), filled up the bird feeders, arranged for a new electricity supplier, started the mammoth task of watering the indoor plants and am now on the forum. From this list you can guess that I should really be doing something that I am avoiding! In this case, it is the Minutes of a meeting for which I am the Secretary, but I know they have to be done so I will have to leave you for now and will check back later to see if anyone else is joining me today.
Onwards and downwards! :smile: