5:2 app up for grabs!!
29 Mar 2014, 11:28
Although I don't post here very often I do pop in often, especially on Fast Days for a bit of encouragement.

I was lucky enough to be given 5 apps for i-pads of the new WOMAN magazine "500 Calorie Diet" recipe book. You can see my review of the book on my blog and also find out how you can enter the Giveaway to try to win one of the apps.

I am already using the book to help give me good ideas for meals...It's good! (And I'm not just saying this!) :lol:

I'm a real, live devotee of the 5:2 diet, and I don't work for the magazine. I was just lucky enough to be contacted by them!
My blog post on the book can be found at http://fatdormouse.blogspot.fr/2014/03/ ... cited.html