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Interim target met or not?
13 Nov 2013, 14:32

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Not sure how this blog will turn out, so for now it can be described simply as 'random' but probably quite nerdy and foody!
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A couple of milestones

by carorees on 20 Sep 2013, 10:26

I'm really pleased today to have finally broken the 12 stone barrier and weighed in at 11 stone 13.5 lb (76kg)! :like: Funny how 11 stone something sounds so much better than 12 stone something!

Second milestone...I squeezed into some size 12 jeans!!! :victory: OK, so I did it by squashing all the flab up from my tummy creating a spare tyre higher up :oops: but, hey, I got into them and I can sit down and everything! The size 14s were getting too lose around the bum and thighs. They look OK as slouch jeans but I needed some tight jeans to hold everything in and give it some shape! :cool:

Since losing so much weight my body appears to have taken on the aspect of a large bag filled with water, held up by some bones somewhere inside. The skin is really very floppy and takes the form of whatever clothes I squeeze it into. Wearing tight jeans gives the illusion of a nicely shaped backside and thighs! :-?

This week I have noticed the flab below my waist has suddenly decreased and there are signs that the apron may actually shrink away enough that if I stand up straight it will disappear! This is most hopeful and I don't know if it is due to slathering on the coconut oil or just the lack of underlying fat allowing the skin to shrink. I'm very grateful nonetheless, particularly as it meant I could get into the size 12s! I know that size 12 nowadays is like a size 14 from my youth, but I'm ridiculously pleased! I haven't worn size 12 since I was about 18 as far as I can remember! I'm now wondering whether I might, one day, be taking a size 10 into the changing rooms?!

So, here's an update on the routine underpinning this good news. I've been doing 16:8 every day and keeping carbs to below 150g combined with a semi-fast on Mondays (aiming for around 800 cals but carbs below 50g) and sometimes on Thursdays depending on how the week has gone. The Monday fast allows me to enjoy weekends and have wine, nibbles, dessert etc.

I've been doing this for the last 3 weeks and have lost 2.5kg in that time which is plenty fast enough I think bearing in mind I have been losing weight steadily since November last year. In that time, my TDEE has gone from around 2200 to 1800, so I think the 16:8 approach has really helped to get my non-fast day calories low enough to keep the weight coming off at a reasonable speed.

Weight at start: 105 kg; dress size UK 20
Target, 65 kg, reached 15 May 2014 - 18 months after my first fast
Current weight: 66.4 kg; dress size UK 8-10
Maintenance weight range: 64-67 kg
My method: 8 months of 5:2, remainder and maintenance 16:8 + low carbs
My story here
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Re: A couple of milestones
20 Sep 2013, 17:38
Thanks for sharing that. It's always nice to hear how success has been achieved. I'm hoping to be 12 stone something very soon ( tomorrow morning would be great) but I think I'm exercising too much for dramatic weight loss. But I'm sticking with it.
Re: A couple of milestones
21 Sep 2013, 13:38
I have been wondering about the apron and if it would ever disappear. I am sure I am lighter now than when it appeared but presumable the skin and muscle tone are looser. While on hoiday recently I was looking at the 'larger' women on the beach wearing bikinis ( something I have not done for many many years) and wondering if they had an apron tucked up inside or if that is a definite no no as far as bikini wearing goes. We have a decorator in at the moment and she has been extolling the benefits of coconut oil.( She is doing something called The Perfect Diet) I have ordered some and will be using it in that area as soon as it arrives. ( I can't bring myself to use the £6 a jar virgin stuff on my tum!)Hope springs eternal that I will become apronless at some point in the furure - maybe that could be my new target?
Re: A couple of milestones
26 Sep 2013, 11:28
Impressive results all round! Or not all round actually!! By 150g carbs I am ssuming you only mean the carbs in pasta, bread etc., rather than veg.?
Re: A couple of milestones
26 Sep 2013, 17:40
"They look OK as slouch jeans but I needed some tight jeans to hold everything in and give it some shape!" Ha ha ha! I was just having this debate with myself getting dressed this morning. The size 16 comfy-loosies or the size 14 keepin-it-all-in-there? (Went comfy today.)

You've lost a phenomenal amount, very inspiring!
Re: A couple of milestones
07 Nov 2013, 09:56
I logged in today after re-starting IF a couple of weeks ago. I had been ill during the summer and "dieting" was way down the bottom of my priority list. I wanted to see how you were getting on as I remember you were doing so well back in the spring summer. How good to see that your progress continues. Very pleased for you. You are inspiring others by sharing your story. Please keep writing!
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