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End Week 5 brings More Joy to My Life!

by fancyfinch on 25 Sep 2017, 12:48

Down 2.6 lbs this week (for a current weight of 160.4 lbs) after a rough week of plateau-ish numbers! Yaaaaay! It's funny, even though so many people mention that sudden drops happen after plateau, it's still rough when you're in one, even if it's only for 9 days. This will be a great reminder to myself to make it easier the next time it happens to keep the faith and follow the plan. The exciting part is that yesterday it was 160.0 and I got the chance to see the scale finally flicker into the 150's!!!

Soon enough the holiday season will begin and I'm trying to remain calm. Even though I now have this amazing tool in my arsenal to counteract extra goodies (which I've used successfully already to counteract special event eating), there's just going to be SO MUCH FOOD for two whole months..... I haven't figured out how to wrap my brain around it in such a way that I could be around all of that calorie-dense goodness without eating it ALL!

Lessons learned this week:
-Plateaus do end if you keep on keeping on (don't lose hope!). If you continue forward with the plan without stepping off the path, the plateau will end.
-Drinking home-brewed coffee is only slightly less enjoyable than starbucks (and much cheaper and lower in calories! -- a double win for two of my main goals in life currently)
-I re-read one of my fav books, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, by Marie Kondo, and re-affirmed my desire to only have in my life that which sparks joy. I know it seems unrelated to dieting, but I think it applies. I don't think you should ever have to eat something you don't enjoy, even if your plan is to lose weight. 5:2/4:3 really helps keep the wonderful things about food in our lives while also serving our health, and that's fantastic!
-I have found the most amazing spoon! I know that sounds crazy, talking about the beauty of a spoon, but maybe I'm just weird. I am particular about my food, and I'm particular about my utensils. I confess, the spoon in question I stole from a hotel recently. It round and deep and has a weight to it. It's amazing and my life has gotten so much extra joy from this simply little thing. It inspires me to take a gander at the other food dishes and utensils I use, and to make an effort to make my whole eating experience wodnerful
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1/1/2017 Weight: 183.2 lbs
5:2 Starting Point (8/21/2017): 173.8 lbs
Current Weight: 161.8 lbs
Full Goal: 136.0 lbs
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