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Interim target met or not?
13 Nov 2013, 14:32

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Random musings of a fast dieter

Not sure how this blog will turn out, so for now it can be described simply as 'random' but probably quite nerdy and foody!
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Starting a forum

by carorees on 19 Mar 2013, 15:08

To continue the history lesson, in early January, myself, Moogie and various others who had been following DrM on twitter and were members of the facebook groups were all excitedly waiting for the new official website to be launched that DrM had tweeted about. Sadly, when it did launch it did not really solve the problems of the facebook groups, which is to say that although populated by lots of lovely people, the facebook group format does not have all the possibilities for arranging threads, searching etc. The official website did not improve on the facebook group either - there was no way of starting a new thread, just commenting on articles written by Michael or Mimi. I tweeted Dr M saying I felt there was a desperate need for a forum. Then I spotted Moogie had also tweeted him offering to set up a forum and he had replied "please do" so I immediately contacted her and offered to be a moderator if she needed help. Luckily she accepted my application and I have been hardly able to tear myself away from here ever since! :oops:

It was so good to connect with other 5:2ers and to be able to chat with other nerdy types and to share our experiences. I have been delighted how the forum has grown and mega-impressed with Moogie's progress tracker! :geek: It is really great to have members from all over the world :cool: and to see people discovering a new way of life :victory: !

There's still lots to do, of course, particularly in trying to work out why some lose weight really easily with 5:2 while others make slow progress. More on this soon I hope.

Got to go now to do a bit of high intensity exercise to boost the weightloss this fast day ;-)

Weight at start: 105 kg; dress size UK 20
Target, 65 kg, reached 15 May 2014 - 18 months after my first fast
Current weight: 66.4 kg; dress size UK 8-10
Maintenance weight range: 64-67 kg
My method: 8 months of 5:2, remainder and maintenance 16:8 + low carbs
My story here
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Re: Starting a forum
20 Mar 2013, 10:12
Have enjoyed reading the Blog- thank you! Thank you to you and Moogie for taking the initiative then and just doing it. The membership numbers seem to suggest how much it was and is needed and appreciated :)
Good to read too how successful it has been for you.
Re: Starting a forum
22 Mar 2013, 11:32
Without you both it would be very hard.
I get so much encouragement, inspiration, advice and comfort from the forum.
It makes my day to read about the success of others particularly people who have huge amounts of weight to lose. I admire them so much.
Thank you so much. X
Re: Starting a forum
28 Mar 2013, 09:40
Just adding to the "thank-yous"! It was really interesting to read how the forum came about, and well done to you both for succeeding!
Re: Starting a forum
29 Mar 2013, 14:26
Me too!
You guys have done a brilliant job
This is a wonderful Forum.
Cheers. X
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