Morning all
02 Mar 2013, 08:15
Well I managed to get to Blighty ok on Thursday. It is been an orgy of consumerism which does not sit well with me. New glasses sorted though which is good. Longing for a home cooked meal, it has been all restaurant eating. I travel home on Monday and although I will eat lightly I will not be able to fast. My body is screaming for a fast, how weird is that?
The morning I set out another chick hatched. This one looks very strong and is resident in the brooder happily eating. It would be good if at least one more hatches so it has company. OH is looking after all the animals this weekend.
That is good news about Dr M launching this plan in America. I have been singing its praises to family but cannot them past the horror of fasting! Everyone has this attitude about being hungry. It is like a fear!
Well getting a bit heavy for a Saturday morning. Will try and pop in again but won't be fully back until Tuesday as am home Monday evening.