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Adding oil to rice?
08 Apr 2015, 08:01
see ... 7494991468

is it true if you add oil to the cooking process it reduces calories.

in our calorie conscious world here was curious if this is true.
Re: Adding oil to rice?
08 Apr 2015, 16:43
I just saved 100% by not buying it.
Re: Adding oil to rice?
08 Apr 2015, 21:31
Yeah this is like the thread asking about cold pasta. The key is allowing the rice to chill and then reheat it. The original article I read claimed that coconut oil was used and was added part of the way through the cooking process. Sounds too complicated. I often make a large amount of rice and refrigerate or freeze what is left and use it over multiple meals. I wonder if that is good enough. I don't fancy my pasta or rice cooked in oil. High fat foods don't agree with me.
Re: Adding oil to rice?
09 Apr 2015, 00:53
Thanks for the replies.

There are so many weird claims and online articles out there. It's hard to believe anything you read anymore.

And all the fuss about superfoods. The latest i keep reading about is turmeric. People are adding teaspoons of the stuff in their smoothies. Who knows.

Oh and the weirdest one i read lately.. that you should eat avocado seeds.. (dried and crushed up)

something doesnt sit right about a lot of the claims and often its about someone being able to package up sachets at vast expense at the healthfood shop counter.

I will stick to eating a balanced diet, mindful eating and "eating lean" 3 days a week which is how i coin fast days now.
Re: Adding oil to rice?
21 Feb 2022, 06:48
Hi everyone;

We all know that Oil is not good for our health and it leads to many diseases.

But if you want to cook rice in oil then you just use a little bit of oil. For example, if you cook 2 cups of rice(4 cups of liquid) then you just have to add 2 tablespoons of olive oil or avocado oil.
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