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Almond or coconut milk
16 Jul 2015, 18:31
New(ish) to 5:2 and find I love both almond and coconut milk and use in place of semi-skim for several recipes but am unable to use more than half the carton in the recommended 5 days. I would love some tips on whether these would freeze. There are many lovely recipes but little or no advice on freezing. As I frequently batch cook this is something that I, and possibly many others, would find really useful.
Re: Almond or coconut milk
16 Jul 2015, 22:29
I use almond milk on my cereal/ bircher muesli. I use the long life and find it keeps for much longer than 5 days in the fridge . By that I mean it smells and tastes fine and doesn't make me ill. We've just been away for 10 days , I was fasting yesterday and had some from a carton that was opened before we went away on my breakfast this morning. Because it was so old I did taste a little first and it was OK.
Re: Almond or coconut milk
17 Jul 2015, 15:42
Me too @Lil I use long life soya, almond and coconut milks and find they all last longer than it says on the carton. I have used the fresh stuff and find that lasts too.

There's been I a discussion going on lately in the UK about "use by date" and "sell by date" and dates in general being on the conservative side. We've forgotten to use our noses and sense. I was as guilty as anyone and foodstuffs were thrown out as soon as they hit their date - but no more! I'm old enough to remember pre-dated foodstuffs (and it wasn't that long ago) so now I use my eyes and nose and it's very rare anything gets thrown out now, that and 5:2 (maintaining 2yrs at the end of the month) certainly help reduce the food budget!

Oh, in answer to your question on freezing - @riesonwhy not try it and see? If you're throwing it away anyway, you have nothing to lose. Cows milk freezes so other milks probably do too.
Re: Almond or coconut milk
18 Jul 2015, 16:09
Thank-you, that was helpful
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