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Baby spinach
11 Mar 2014, 15:27
I bought some today but as I have never had it before what do I do with it. We are having Parma ham wrapped round quark and herb filled chicken for dinner with homemade garlic wedges and carrots.
Re: Baby spinach
11 Mar 2014, 15:37
Hi Brand-ie

Are you making the lovely sounding stuffed chicken yourself? If so treat the spinach as a herb and add a layer of it inside the chicken. Or chop it roughly and mix it in with the quark. Or you could just steam it lightly and serve the chicken breast on top. Remember that it reduces a fair bit when steamed so do more than you think you will need.

Hope that helps
Re: Baby spinach
11 Mar 2014, 15:44
Thanks. Yes am making the chicken from scratch works out about 230 cals a piece and is very tasty.
Re: Baby spinach
11 Mar 2014, 16:58
Sounds lovely @Brand-ie I may try that one the only other way I've had it is on top of steamed fish, just steamedas a veg and always put in most of my curries I put in freezer then always in the house. :heart: Sue
Re: Baby spinach
11 Mar 2014, 21:48
I put the spinach in a pan added a splash of water and covered and wilted it. It was nice. I also put some in the chicken. I have some left so may have some on my next fast day with an egg.
Re: Baby spinach
11 Mar 2014, 22:54
Baby spinach is very tender. I use it as a salad green, or toss into an omlette, or whizzz up with apple for a green smoothie.
Re: Baby spinach
11 Mar 2014, 22:56
Oops, top your pizza with it. Combines very well with arugala. Bye.
Re: Baby spinach
11 Mar 2014, 23:43
I use baby spinach as a salad. Just toss it with a vinegrette.
Use it like lettuce.
Re: Baby spinach
12 Mar 2014, 00:41
A lot of times I toss the baby spinach with a bit of balsamic vinaigrette that I make and then serve whatever else I am having on top of it. Usually it's chicken, fish, or steak or mushrooms and arrabiata sauce and veggies. The heat of the other food wilts the spinach just a little, and it is delicious. Plus, only one bowl/plate to wash! :lol:
Re: Baby spinach
12 Mar 2014, 01:00
I use spinach instead of lettuce for my lunchtime salads. Great source of iron too.
Re: Baby spinach
13 Mar 2014, 19:21
Tonight I made baked egg with baby spinach and bacon medallions.
I don't know why the picture is upside down?
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