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21 Jan 2015, 23:16
Can any UK fasters tell me where they buy boullion please, i keep reading people praising it but I can only find it on Amazon for around £13
Re: boullion
21 Jan 2015, 23:21
Hi Jan i think you can get Maggi bouillon cubes in most of the major supermarkets
Some peeps just have an oxo ( beef or veggie) i thiknk,to get the same salty boost on a FD
I guess the veggie ones might be slightly better for you healthwise? X
Re: boullion
21 Jan 2015, 23:34
Thanks Candice I wasn't sure if it were the same as an oxo cube, but I have read people say boullion is only 10 cals and I couldn't see an oxo cube or similar having so few calories. :bugeyes:
Re: boullion
21 Jan 2015, 23:44
Just googled..cals in oxo beef stock cube 13... In oxo chicken stock cube 20.. In oxo veg stock cube 15 cals xx
Re: boullion
22 Jan 2015, 00:09
That's really surprised me, i might have a slurp tomorrow if I am struggling, I did try Bovril once but I didn't like it. Maybe chicken flavour will be more palatable. Thanks Candice x
Re: boullion
22 Jan 2015, 01:03
@Janpartly and there is also miso soup and Marigold Boullion from Waitrose et al. Many people have a salty drink, but I have never yet .... not sure why. It's a good reminder ... to have up my sleeve :lol:
Re: boullion
22 Jan 2015, 01:05
Another thing for a salty boost which i use most fast days is a sixty cal slimmasoup
I think theyre disgusting generally but about 4.30 on a fast day? They taste like nectar of the gods and really zing me up til dindins x
Re: boullion
22 Jan 2015, 07:10
Jan I buy it in sainsburys for a few pounds, there's a couple of different styles and comes in a little pot. A couple of teaspoons and hot water and you're off. Reminds me I've run out.
Re: boullion
22 Jan 2015, 08:11
Lizbean wrote: @Janpartly and Marigold Boullion from Waitrose et al

I sometimes use Marigold...

Sadly, my nearest Waitrose is 106 miles away! :shock: :cry: :wink:
Re: boullion
22 Jan 2015, 11:24
My nearest Asda and Tesco both sell Marigold Bouillon. I've also been known to have a teaspoon of Marmite in a mug of hot water to get the same effect!
Re: boullion
22 Jan 2015, 13:02
Thanks for the replies I'll have a look in sainsburys at the weekend.
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