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Carbs or no carbs?
03 Sep 2013, 06:52
Just wondering what if any of you eat carbs on a Fast day? I tend to leave them alone - cant hurt for just 2 days a week so tend to stock up on salads, fish etc on a fast day. So what's your main choice of food on a fast day your failsafe favourite?
Re: Carbs or no carbs?
03 Sep 2013, 06:56
I tend to go low-carb on fast days. I find protein and fat more satisfying and filling.
Re: Carbs or no carbs?
03 Sep 2013, 06:57
Definitely a can of chunky soup with a double helping of miracle noodles. I'm absolutely stuffed about it for about 300cals.
Lil :heart:
Re: Carbs or no carbs?
03 Sep 2013, 06:58
I eat some carbs, quinoa or brown rice or freekeh. But the bulk is vegetables and some protein. I find it a good time to have a meat free day.
Re: Carbs or no carbs?
03 Sep 2013, 07:40
Depends what you mean by carbs...I eat all kinds of vegetables on fast days including some which are high carb, but I try to leave grains alone as much as possible. I mostly eat soup, stir fry with zero noodles or salad, this evening I'm having dhal with sweet potato (which has more carbs than a lot of low carbers want to eat).
Re: Carbs or no carbs?
03 Sep 2013, 10:17
On one of my two fast days a week I have 75g (dry weight) of couscous in a salad with peas, tomatoes and chicken - the recipe is from the 5:2 Skinny for One cookbook and is 289 calories. I really like it as it's very filling. I made it last night and it took me about 3.5 hours to eat it all.

Otherwise I'm trying to avoid them apart from a solitary rice cake some fast days.

Carbs are my downfall generally. I don't eat much pasta or rice but I do like bread and potatoes. I've noticed I'm often bloated the following day so I'm now trying to cut back on normal days as well.

Someone gave me a packet of precooked red and white quinoa but when I looked at the ingredients the calorie load was double because of all the olive oil and other things it contained. I'm keeping that for a regular day.
Re: Carbs or no carbs?
03 Sep 2013, 10:21
Wish I could go zero carbs, but I'm a vegetarian. :bugeyes:
Re: Carbs or no carbs?
03 Sep 2013, 10:27
I usually make a coleslaw (cabbage, onion + carrots with 1tbs mayonnaise) for lunch and then chicken breast with broccoli or cauliflower for dinner. I don't eat potatoes,pasta,rice or other starchy foods, but for quicker weight loss these are the items I recommend to try to limit every day.
Re: Carbs or no carbs?
03 Sep 2013, 12:32
Lady Muck - you should check out FatDog's low-carb vegetarian blog for recipe ideas...
Re: Carbs or no carbs?
05 Sep 2013, 06:57
Videk - what's the recipe for the chicken couscous dish sounds delish!
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