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Child snacks as fasting snacks
30 Jun 2014, 22:45
I'm trying to get away from diet foods to eating real food.

Two really satisfying snacks are Mini Chedds (Cathedral City) , just over 60 calories for a bag. Tiny cubes of cheddar really feel filling. And a tiny box of raisins, I have the Lidl version which is about 41 calories. Again quite filling.

There's something about eating the whole box! :smile:
I try not to snack usually another coffee will work for me
@Rbrum, I have gone the other way! I am giving my kids more "diet" snacks like raw carrots or fresh berries to munch on. I agree with Merlin, and I tend to reach for a drink rather than snack on fast days. At least, if I do nibble on the kids left overs I dont do much damage while they are getting their 5 a day. There is less temptation with the raw fruit ir veg than with their usual biscuit or sugary yogurt too.

I find that I have to be careful with snacks marketed at kids though. Shockingly, a lot of them are high in sugar and junk. While the portion sizes might be good, the value unually isnt, as you need to pay for the extra packaging. Now that school is out, my food bill has increased! I refill those little raisin boxes from the economy bag. :wink:
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