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First try of smoothie making
13 Aug 2013, 20:40
I have been so inspired by the recent smoothie posts by @shachat that I decided to have a spur of the moment try today. I didn't have anything green in the fridge other than lettuce so I just went with fruit.

Now, don't laugh but I don't think I have ever made a smoothie, had them out a few times but not sure I saw the point in not just eating the fruit. On holiday I had the most lovely mango and watermelon one so I was up for it!

I whizzed up a banana, half a cup of commercial orange juice and half a cup of coconut milk (never tried that before either but did discover coconut water on holiday, oh what a sheltered life I have lead!) it made a big glassful and was delicious, later I whizzed the same liquids again but this time with a peach, I begrudgingly shared this one :lol: oh and all with a stick blender.

I had no breakfast as usual today, a huge salad with a piece of chicken for lunch and after the smoothies late this afternoon I didn't want any dinner, they really filled me up, more so that just eating fruit would. Not a fast day by the way.

Now, am I doing this right or does the orange juice and coconut milk make it high in calories and is a smoothie more filling than just the fruit?

Thanks :smile:
I've been making smoothies all school hols
Handful of berries tablespoon of Greek yogurt
Splash of Juice
Few ice cubes


So filling too they take away the snack urge on a fast day
Thanks Both, MMEM, that sounds lovely and easy too. Will try it. Izzy, the one I got was from Tesco from the chiller cabinet. It has 65 calories for 250ml. Never had it before, so have no idea of what it is in comparison to the one you're thinking of. Like the sound of your idea, I love ginger, will be great for cold days. Cinnamon would be good too. I am really going to enjoy thinking up new combos.

Thanks again :smile:
Yes, that's the one, I'm wondering if it could be used in Thai curries etc instead of the cans? I will have to experiment with it, haven't even tasted it naked yet :shock: I wonder if apple and cinnamon would work or whether apple would need to be juiced. My juicer hasn't been used for years because its such a pain to wash up.

Don't worry about your coat, come back in :smile:
Wendy, I'm fair bursting with pride - all my endless burbling about smoothies was worth it! :)

As you know, my smoothie journey has been one of continuous experimentation. In addition to the green smoothies I've been posting about, I've also been having a fruit smoothie for breakfast on feed days - banana, frozen berries, rice milk and a bit of cinnamon. Scrumptious and filling!

With the green smoothies, I've stuck to veg I'd normally eat raw. I'm a bit dubious about blending veg I'd normally cook, although they can clearly be juiced. Fast day tomorrow and I'm hoping to clear the fridge of a lot of leftover veg!
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