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I am very fortunate that I love all veggies and don't seem to get tired of having the same 7-10 salad veg made into a coleslaw for lunch most days and (more or less) the same 7-10 cooked veg each night.

But I know that many people aren't so keen on veggies, and often don't have anywhere close to the 5 serves a day recommended as a minimum. Lots of reasons for this of course, though I think the main ones are not liking the veg, and not having/making the time to prepare them.

In another thread I have posted a few things I do to make veggies more interesting that are easy, so won't repeat it here, but will see if I can add in a link to that post.


How do you include veggies in your diet, and what tips do you have for others?
I like vegetables. What I have depends what I see that day in the shop. Today I saw a bag of chopper raw veggies - like cabbage, carrots and things. I am going to have that instead of rice, with our chick pea curry tonight. I will also have a salad to accompany the meal. Other days I can have cooked cauliflower in lieu of rice, as yesterday, we also had tomato and cucumber slices, with the main meal. As for fruit, I thaw frozen berries for my breakfast or (now break -fast). Blueberries, black currants and Sea Buck-thorn berries. I also have a half of a Granny Smith apple: so sour as not to have many carbs. :lol: We make it a point of adding veg. to our suppers every day - as a side dish, if not else.
I looooove veggies.... I can't think of any that I don't like.

Most of the time I have them steamed with olive oil poured over, with a fried fish/baked fish the plate is 75% veg. I don't eat any land or feathered creatures.

My absolute faves are:
Kale chips(oil covered with salt & pepper and roasted at home)
BBQ corn, BBQ asparagus, BBQ anything.....
Fried brussel sprouts and onion.
Any vegie soup. I made dairy free cream of celery once - it was fab.
Got the details from here: ... lery-soup/
I love veggies, too, for the most part, but I do get sloppy sometimes. I have salad a lot, and I used to do a lot of stir fries (I need to do that more) and soup is also a great way to get vegetables. I have no problem just sautéing up some spinach or broccoli, either. If I go to a lot of trouble to make one dish - say pasta (with some, but not a lot of veg) or chicken, I don't always bother with a side dish. This is the trouble with cooking for one. If I were feeding someone else, I would never do that.

Since coming back to the US, I realize I am eating way too much hummus. Not that I think its bad for me, but it probably accounts for at least half my calories! haha.
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