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Low cal sausages and arrowroot,
16 Mar 2014, 07:47
Had a shock looking up on the asda website today that their low fat sausages are 198 per 2 grilled, think that might be a tad much for a casserole on fast days, so just wondering if there is a tasty low cal sausage out their that isn't some exclusive £5 per sausage type thing!

Also in my casserole I use a tbsp of cornflour to thicken up, but it still seems a lot of cals (worked it out as just over 100 cals per tbsp) I've noticed arrowroot mentioned on here as a thickener, but since I've never used it before I want to know, is it a good substitute for cornflour?
Hi, was just going to day that maybe high meat content chiplotatas might do the trick. As they're not stuffed full of fillers and water, they may be better. Or how about vegetarian sausages. Having said that 200 cals for the protein portion of your meal isn't that bad, especially if you then only have loads of filling veg with it. Just a thought.
I think the last time I made sausage casserole I didn't use a thickener, just spices (paprika, gound coriander) and a tin of tomatoes, which thickens it up nicely. I use flour for beef stew though.
@carieoates veggie sausages to me taste of cardboard, so may have a look at the chipolatas, means more sausages for the casserole! ;)

@egregious, i chuck the spices in already, not thought about using tomatoes, think i'll add some in and see how it goes! :D
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