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need ideas please
18 Feb 2014, 13:59
Since starting this WOl I have been trying to lower my carb intake as well, I have been doing this by only having carbs with my evening meal and also looking at portion sizes when I do eat carbs.

What I would like help with is some ideas for lunches while we are on holiday next week. I have been making myself salads, egg dishes or cuppa soups but would like so quick ideas for if we are out and about. We are spending a week in a caravan in Devon so would like suggestions of things that I could have instead of sandwiches.

Thanks in advance
Re: need ideas please
18 Feb 2014, 14:12
Hi Mich. If it's picnic stuff, then things like boiled eggs are great to carry around, or pepperami sticks, beef jerky or even cooked prawns if you can keep them cool. Veggie ingredients are hard to transport, but tomatoes should be ok and apples are lowish carb. If you decide to eat out, stick just to meat, fish and veggies. Avoid the usual pub fare which can be carbiferous if you are not careful.

Have a nice holiday. :like:
Re: need ideas please
18 Feb 2014, 14:20
I pack tuna or chicken salads, or a thermos of soup. Pitta is an alternative to sandwiches and, though it contains carbs, you could 'absorb' the extra calories/carbs with something else in the evening.
Enjoy your holiday and don't stress too much x
Re: need ideas please
18 Feb 2014, 14:37
A novel idea for a salad lunch (at work or a picnic) that I have seen was to fill a jam jar with salad, then the protein in the middle with the dressing on the top, whether mayo or a more liquid dressing. Put the lid on tight. Then store it upside down as you don't want the dressing to dribble through the layers and wilt the salad ingredients. When you want to eat it, just take the lid off and turn it all out onto a plate.

As for eating whilst on holiday, just make the choices you have been trying to do. Instead of having a ham salad baguette, have a ham salad. If having a steak pile on the veg or salad and reduce the chips or boiled potatoes.

If eating out I find Indian food to be the best for wheat free dining. The only thing likely to be made out of wheat is the naan breads. Everything else is usually thickened with gram flour (chick pea), tomato puree or yogurt. It may not be entirely low carb, but by cutting out the wheat you are cutting out a lot of temptation.
Re: need ideas please
19 Feb 2014, 20:46
Thanks guys, I have taken all you ideas on board. I am intending to enjoy myself and no worry too much it is more that I have found by reducing my carbs and only eating them with my main meal I feel better and I don't want to feel rubbish on holiday.
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