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Soup maker
22 Sep 2013, 20:27
Hi all, I bought the skinny soup maker kindle book, in error really. I hadn't realised it was designed for electric soup makers.
The thing is, I'm not intrigued with the idea of buying one.
Has anyone got one?
Are they any good?
I'm looking at the morphy Richards one for £50
Your thoughts/experiences are appreciated
Re: Soup maker
22 Sep 2013, 21:01
Ermmm... yes, I have one *very embarrassed emoticon*. Accidentally, honest.

I was needing a good blender to make green smoothies and what should I find in my local charity store (just last week) but a big black Cuisinart thing that looked like a blender, for £15. Mine.

Hefted it home and discovered that it was a soup-maker (SSB1U). Oops. But it has been great! Seems to work pretty well as a blender and works a treat as a soup-maker. It ain't cheap new though - £129 on Amazon.

You need to look out for the volume that the soup-maker handles as some aren't much good for more than two or three decent servings (mine does 1.4L of soup (1.7L blend), for example, which I reckon is good for three healthy main course soups, or four starters).

Make sure it has a decent stir function - that way you're less likely to burn stuff. I also prefer a glass jug because a) I can see what's happening (unlike with the steel ones) and b) plastic tends to go manky after a while.

And look out for complaints about cleaning / sliced fingers whilst cleaning: if you don't abuse it when cooking, and 'follow the instructions' there shouldn't be a problem.

I've found that on Amazon, as a generality, electrical goods usually get around 10% bad reviews: anything more should ring alarum bells.

Edit: I've just had another snoop on Amazon - the Cuisinart looks remarkably like the Waring WSM1U (*exactly* the same functions etc.) and the latter is about a tenner cheaper.
Re: Soup maker
23 Sep 2013, 10:43
I've got the Morphy Richards one and it's great. Very easy to use and clean. Be careful if using cheese in a recipe as this can burn on to the bottom.

I usually add one small red chilli to any soup that I make (I grow them on the kitchen windowsill). I find that the "zip" this gives to the soup means that I use less salt.
Re: Soup maker
23 Sep 2013, 12:00
Never heard of this :dazed:
But just seen one on a wowcher offer £45 don't know what make, but
you could take a look :clover: Sue :clover:
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