I just bought a spiralizer and this is what I made.
1large zucchini per person spiralizer into 'spaghetti' ( microwave till tender)
Place in bowl. Top with a sprinkle of parmesan, a bit of home made Napolitano sauce ( fry garlic on oil, add canned chopped tomatoes,splash of white wine, salt, pepper,1 tsp sugar, cook for 30 mins-1hr) sprinkle fetta and sliced kalamata olives then repeat- Parmesan,sauce,olives,fetta then Parmesan again) zap for one minute and enjoy. I was surprised at how good it was as the zucchini spaghetti did its job (whereas cauliflower rice just didn't do it for me sitting under the butter chicken pretending to be rice) the 2nd time we had it I added some chopped chicken pieces on top which was lovely too. Sorry about no calorie info but this could be modified for a fast day if you were light handed with the cheese.
My only problem with the spiralizer is it was a bit of work for a whole family as you had to cut each zucchini into ,3 pieces and it took a while to screw and unscrew it but DD said she would be happy to take over that job for me.