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Takeaways/take out meal ideas
04 Nov 2015, 18:19
OK so in a nutshell what do I get. Every Sat/Sun we usually get a takeawy from the chipper. Que kebab, chips and a garlic dip. Obviuosly that is bringing me up to nearly 3000 cals when my TDEE is about 1200. So my other options are chinese and Thai food. I live in the country with not a lot of options. If I'm prepared I could probably organise sushi. I know some people will say - just do a nice homecooked dinner. I've tried to do that - I end up getting a takeaway anyway. My OH and I used to eat 2-3 takeaways a week and eat out in restaurants. I've now reduced that to once a week for the takeaway. Eating out I can deal with as there is always soup and salad. So what would you get? I'm a sucker for Green thai curry - calorific. Or did you all just get your takeaways anyway? Maybe a Chilli basil prawn with boiled rice instead?
Get the takeaway anyway. For me Saturday is a comfort eating day, whether it is the chipper or just shoving something comforting in the oven. I am now managing to take @carorees approach - one high calorie day, 2 fasting days, 2 lower calorie days and 2 TDEE days. Mixing it up does seem to work.
I tend to just have two meals a day nowadays. So on a Saturday, we also have a takeaway, if we have Chinese I tend to gain a few pounds due to salt and carbs, but it's not so bad if I have a chicken kebab. Yumm.
Takeaway portions are normally huge - i always make mine last two nights for dinner. Why don't you still have the takeaway, but split the portion of chips in half, and if you don't want to have it the next day, just chuck half in the bin.
ooooh all excellent feedback ladies. I love the fact that you are all doing it this way. I like the idea of splitting the portions. I'm supposed to be doing a half fas but my OH has just invited me to a hotel for the night so I'd say we will get room service. The hotel isn't great for salads but should be able to get something relatively healthy with a side salad instead of chips. I can steal a few OH's chips to satisfy my craving ;-)
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