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Hi there,

I am still in my first week and on my final fast, but going forward does anyone have any really low calorie snack ideas?
I found myself just eating celery throughout the afternoon of the first day which is fine but a bit dull.
I don't want anything too high as I would like a minimum of 250 for my evening dinner.

Ideas appreciated, thank you
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Hi Anastasia & welcome :)

Here are a few ideas...
Pots of sugar free jelly - less than 10cals
Crackerbread with marmite - around 20 cals
Half a mug (6g of powder) of Cadburys Highlights hot choc - 20 cals
100g raspberries - around 50 cals (berries in general are good!)
100g picked beetroot - 24 cals

I'm sure other people will have other suggestions :) I don't snack on my fast days so haven't got a long list of snacks.
Ooh jelly is a fab idea and will feel like a treat! Thank you so much
Sakata Japanese rice crackers - the barbecue flavour are very tasty and only 8 cals per cracker

Marks & Spencer mini amaretti - crisp, crunchy and sweet and 50 cals for 3

DS gluten-free crispbread - 27 cals per crispbread, so crisp and tasty I love to eat them even though I don't need to be gluten-free!
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