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Okay, so this won't be everyone's cup of tea, but I'm aware that there are some folks who prefer to use meal replacement products for ease on a fasting day. I've just found a couple of places (via affiliate links, so they'll help to fund the running costs of this site) which offer 5:2 diet meal replacement packs, as well as calorie counted ready meals to order online.

Got a few promo codes for the Saints & Slimmers range:
FREE standard P&P on all orders! Enter code FOCSTDDEL at checkout
5% discount on a customer's first order, enter code ZZUEKY. Valid on all products.


These folks don't have a banner for their 5:2 products but have a look around their site and you'll find them :)
Also got a promo code or two...
Code GOSLIMGO (expires 28th June) More than 50% off the Exante Intermittent Fasting Pack – One Month’s Supply for only £32.99! Perfect for the 5:2 diet with 100% of your daily vitamins.
Code 10OFFEX (expires 30th June) SPECIAL OFFER - Extra 10% off all orders. Perfect for getting in shape for your Summer holiday! No exclusions.


Graze boxes are yummy & healthy options for folks who just like to snack throughout their fasts. The first box is free to try and they also have a 'light box' available as well as some tasty porridge selection boxes, all calorie counted for your convenience :)


Will add more as and when I find them :)
would protein shakes work on this too? I was thinking there is a maximuscle promax shake that is around 220cals per shake. Also good for protein that i hear fills you up?
But why would you want to drink protein shakes when you can eat real food?
Omg those meal replacements make me shudder
Did them for years ..slimfast,cambridge formula,another one whose name escapes me, Limmits biscuits..the sad miserable list goes on..been there done that don't want the t shirt! Put back every ounce i ever lost.
Yes good hot tasty real food now is the only way to go - judging by lack of response, i guess most of us feel the same x
Couldn't agree with you more @CandiceMarie and @loversghost

Heaven forbid pretend foods ... please spare us!
Well it's always worth considering the options, so I had a look. The claims for the various special ingredients got a whole lot less credible when I reached this bit: "How quickly will I lose weight on the 5:2 diet?

It varies from person to person, but around 3.5 pounds a week is typical. You'll often lose a bit more to start with."
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