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Re: General Tips
06 May 2013, 09:18
Simonee, Afternoons are a bad time for me too, despite kids all having left home. I'm only in my second week but I know, when I'm not doing 5:2 it's my weak spot, after 5.00 I find I'm looking forard to something alcoholic and the nibbles to go with it so it's always my bad time. Not working any longer either so haven't got that to take my mind off food. Should say not doing paid work - there's plenty of work at home!

I'm managing by keeping busy - and thinking of other things than food to "reward" myself. I took myself to the cinema one day, actually went to the supermarket another and found I was enjoying looking for healthy and low cal foods. Came back with chili flakes which really add flavour. Today as the weather looks great I'll do some gardening, then lie in a lovely smelly bath with a good book. Now these won't suit you with kids I know - but can you think of other thingd that you like doing to keep you busy?

It will get better so everyone whose been around longer says!! :smile:
Re: General Tips
06 May 2013, 09:26
Sorry, Simoneee, I see from another thread that you are still breast feeding and your children are very small so my ideas clearly not helpful, whereas upping your calories might be much better.

Anyway others struggling with afternoon munchies might find it helpful.

Good luck, Simoneee!!!
Re: General Tips
21 May 2013, 21:46
I too have battled with getting rather emotionally unbalanced on fast days. What has really helped me is having a 'Hairy Lemon' drink midday. Now this brand may not be sold outside of Australia but basically it is a tablet which fizzes in water. I associate them usually with people taking them to recover from the flu or a hangover. They contain minerals, vitamins, caffeine, ginseng and guarna (sp?). Anyways they do smooth out the ugly bits and have no calories!
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