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06 Aug 2015, 13:37
Hello all

First of all im sure most of you saw the word Christmas and were like nooooooooooooooooo its too early to be talking about that but believe me its relevant to my thread. Secondly - Wow to each and everyone for your achievements so far!!!! You have all done fantastically well.

So a couple of lines about myself - in a nutshell I was with weight watchers for a few years and lost 3 stone :lol: , last year was put on medication by gp for health and ended up putting all that weight back on :cry: ! Tried doing weight watchers again but got soooooooooooooo bored with the pointing and counting etc so came across this site!!!! :lol: I joined yesterday and today is officially my first fast day (so far so good) :like:

Anyhoo so because I want to lose 3 stone at least - im using Christmas as my goal!!! If i cant lose the whole amount by then id be happy with even 2 stones. I want to look fabulous at the xmas parties and already have a dress in my wardrobe with the tags on ready to be worn!!!

Your motivational comments and advice will be much appreciated! :like: Good Luck to all
06 Aug 2015, 20:43
@chocolate bunny, how very wise of you to think long term with regard to fasting. I make it 20 weeks until Christmas (aaargh!) so to lose your 2 stone you will need to lose at the rate of just under 1 1/2 pounds a week, a bit more than the average of a pound a week on this WOE, but oddly enough the heavier you are when you start, the faster you lose. So best of luck, apply grit when necessary :lol: :clover: :clover:
06 Aug 2015, 22:58
@chocolate bunny never fear, it's never too soon to talk about Christmas here! I dare say there will be some sort of Christmas Challenge to keep you focused and for the past 2 years we have had a virtual Christmas party. It takes a lot of planning so we start early :reindeer: It will be lovely to see you wearing your new dress there :grin:
07 Aug 2015, 08:11
Welcome choc bunny! With that name,easter should be yr goal :lol:
I feel fir you re losing and regaining three stone..ive done similar and it can be soul destroying
Takes a lot of courage to start again,so,well done to you for making a brand new start :like:
Last week i saw the ominous words " Christmas Menu" in a restaurant..
Waaaaaarghhhh! But in a few weeks i bet the christmas challenge will start here..
@barbarita Heavens to murgatroyd, is it really only twenty weeks! X
07 Aug 2015, 08:31
Thank you guys for your wonderful comments and yes I suppose the C word (meaning Christmas) isnt too far away if you think about it!

@CandiceMarie - lol you are right with my name Easter should be my goal - I suppose I can use that for next years goal (fingers crossed 5:2 working out for me). I went past a pub over the weekend with the sign outside reading "book your Christmas party here" - summer's not even over yet!!!! But i guess that hasn't stopped me. Yes gaining so much weight can be soul destroying! Apart from the fact that I have a hectic job anyway I found i have become very anti social due to my weight and dont feel confident enough to go out, dress up and enjoy my evening. My weight is stopping me from doing lots of things :cry:

I used to be 9stone 9lbs which is where I want to get back to. I am now 13 stone and really want to shift all this fat!!!!!!!! I cannot fit into any of my old gorgeous clothes and I am determined to get back into them!

@Wendy Darling - I will certainly post a pic of myself in my lovely dress if/when i get there (she says with her eyes closed and fingers crossed). Im looking forward to the Xmas challenge if there is one and will definitely be joining

@barbarita - thank you for your estimate of what my weight loss could/should be every week until Christmas. I am pretty heavy so im hoping it will just melt away like chocolate does in your mouth :lol:
07 Aug 2015, 17:13
Welcome, but you mentioned the C word! Not yet, I'm still enjoying summer :cool: :cry: Good advise here, be patient and don't get frustrated - this is an endurance race but it will come off.
07 Aug 2015, 18:35
I've had a similar experience to you Chocolate Bunny but I had managed to lose some over the last three or four years - about half a stone. I set a goal of losing 2.5 stone when starting at the very end of April. In three months I managed to lose 1 stone at the average rate of a fraction over 1lb per week and that included being away for three weeks on holiday. So without doubt YOU CAN DO IT and hopefully find it as enjoyable as I do as I love some of those recipes with loads of veggies. Like you I am on medication so have had to do a little tweaking on the advice of my medical team but it is still working. GOOD LUCK!!
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