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Re: freezable dinners
23 Feb 2014, 23:53
I found her @Julianna! i should be a web detective

via her facebook link on the archived site. i was able to go to the source code on page

Tammy has a new site name.

does look good!

Maybe she had to change name due to dispute with
Re: freezable dinners
24 Feb 2014, 00:48
That's it! You found it. You should become a detective! Thanks again Juliana.
Re: freezable dinners
24 Feb 2014, 02:34
julianna wrote: That's it! You found it. You should become a detective! Thanks again Juliana.

I'm putting Tanya in my facebook newsfeed it is so good. Im about to do some kitchen renovations and the "cooking ahead" and freezing will come in handy.

Thanks for sharing
Re: freezable dinners
24 Feb 2014, 10:40
Tonight i had my chilli con carne that we made 3 huge pots of on Australia Day, Jan 26. i posted all about it here

3 pots gave me 6 1kg "containers" for freezing. 1 container feeds 3 or 4 people. tonight i had one of them, and just cooked up some couscous.

my recipe has all of these ingredients
- Beef
- Lamb
- Chorizo sausage
- Red Onion and Garlic
- Chillies
- Chocolate (yes, chocolate)
- Spices like cumin and thyme
- tomatoes
- Tomato paste
- Capsicum paste
- Capsicums
- Celery
- Mango chutney (for the serving)
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