Home-Made Teriyaki
05 Mar 2014, 21:37
Hello I am fairly to new this so apologies if this has already been posted (Can anyone tell me how I can check?)

Found a recipe online the other day for home-made teriyaki + just fell in love & cant see me ever buying it from a takeaway again. I think its probably better for non-fast days but you could easily have just that with some greens + it might suit if you just have one meal all in one go and thats it for the day.

The basic elements were very simple:

Low-sodium soya sauce (i used normal + was lovely still)
Brown sugar (yup..this bit I need to work around a bit to cut it down so it still tastes good, maybe use an alternative)
Ginger - Freshly grated yummy
Garlic - 2 Cloves
White wine/rice vinegar (not much)

+ thats it! Recipe recommended a bit of corn starch but only to thicken it up, other than that it was just the chicken you put it in first (no oil if possible) chicken breasts ( i made 2 then freeze half) + gentaly bubble over the sauce in a pan so it half covers the chicken. Only add corn starch if u want to otherwise u could just keep it as a thin sauce. I also added a tiny bit of sweet soy sauce which you could easily substiute for half the amount of sugar.

Very yummy! Just a suggestion really for something thats easy and adaptable but sounds complicated!