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Which comes first @Maryannthe chicken or the soft boiled egg?!! :wink:
I like to share a high protein source and no fat/low calory source. Not sure whether the German name of it rings a bell, though. We have a cheese that is called "Harzer" cheese. It is made from what is called "sour milk" if I translate it. It comes in a package with four rolls, each 50 gram. So 200 gram have 250 kcal. I combine it with veggies and have an evening meal with high protein content: of 60 gram. Curd/quark has 60 gram protein in 500 gram. So you can imagine the power in that cheese.

Maybe this is available elsewhere, too (under another name I guess). It's my little protein miracle that I am very thankful for.

Mahalo :smile:
For me the major benefit of 5:2 over all other diets is that fact that it can be done in the most easy manner. For a fast day that means: anything that would be on the menu on a non-fast day, but in a very small portion :shock:

How interesting. I had never seen hartzer cheese before, but just looked it up on Wikipedia. It does sound like an excellent diet choice. I'd love to try it.
I've only done 4 fast days but I start with some green tea in the morning (with about 1/2 TSP of raw honey). I eat half of a Quest protein bar for lunch and eat the other half between lunch and dinner. Then for dinner I've been having 2 scrambled eggs with salt and pepper. I'm left with 50 calories so I usually eat a Light mini Babybel cheese. It's surprising how filling the protein bars are. I'm actually quite satisfied with just the half for a few hours.

11 Nov 2016, 14:14
Here´ s something i enjoy with a juicy tomato on fastdays. Note that they don´ t come out crispy. I find that leaving them in the oven a bit longer is better.

Each cake is 99 cals


175g sweet potato, peeled n´chopped

175 canned tuna (in brine), drained

4 spring onions, trimmed n´chopped

1 tbspn lemon rind

1 tbspn chopped fresh coriander

Cook spuds til tender (10 - 12 mins). Drain n´mash

Flake tuna and add to mash with onoins, rind, onions and coriander.

Season to taste

Mix lightly

Shape into 4 rounds

Refrigerate for minimum of 30 mins

Oven at 190 C

Place cakes on non stick baking sheet

Cook for 20 mins until piping hot

Lemon wedges to serve
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