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Happy hump day fasters! I made this delicious cauliflower 'pizza' recipe this evening (I'm sure a good few of you foodie fasters have come across it before ;) ) & wanted to share it with you all! Picture attached or on my blog here: ... za-recipe/

I am definitely making this one again, I love pizza but can't indulge with the carbs/grease/cheese too much on a regular basis without paying the price with my wallet & waist line!

Ingredients (serves 1)

1 small cauliflower head: 66 cals
1 large egg: 78 cals
1/2 reduced fat mozzarella ball (I used Morrison’s NuMe brand): 120 cals
4 tbs tomato sauce (I used Napolina’s tomato & basil): 43 cals
2-3 slices of prosciutto: 65-98cals
5 cherry tomatoes: 15 cals
Handful of rocket: 3 cals
1 bird’s eye chilli: 4 cals

Total cals: 394 – 427 cals (depending on how many slices of prosciutto) which means enough room to serve with a side of salad leaves!

Pre-heat your oven to 220 degrees

Cut your broccoli into florets & pop in your food processor/blender to create your ‘crumbs’ (exactly the same as you would make my rice dish). Heat them in the microwave for around 4 minutes.

Crack your egg into a bowl. Once the cauliflower is done in the microwave, mix it thoroughly with the egg. Pour your mix onto a baking sheet (you can ‘grease’ it first with an olive oil spray/alternative but remember to discount it from your daily intake!) & flatten into a pizza dough shape. Heat in the oven for 15 mins.

Take it out & add your toppings! Spread your sauce on the base, tear up your mozzarella & prosciutto & scatter across along with your chopped cherry tomatoes, & finely chopped chilli. Pop back in the oven for another 5 minutes & then take our, put your rocket on top, and serve with a side salad.

low calorie cauliflower pizza.png
low calorie cauliflower pizza.png (249.91 KiB) Viewed 2529 times
Thanks for that @thefastingdoctor! I have done a chicken breast pizza. Just flatten the chicken breast by beating it with a rolling pin and this acts as the pizza base. You can hammer in seasoning and herbs, and top with the tomato sauce and cheese and any veggies you desire and will fit within your allowance. It was most satisfying and I didnt feel like I was missing out during family pizza night!
I just wait until a non-fasting day and have a delicious slice of real New York style pizza at the local pizzeria. $1.75 a slice, all made from scratch. Eaten with a big freshly made salad, it comes in at maybe 600 calories.

The beauty of 5:2 is that I can eat normally five days a week and don't need to eat ersatz diet food all the time.
I'm not keen on Pizza at the best of times-real or fake!
@scubachick that sounds amazing! Going to try that this weekend with the chicken breast (if I can find myself a rolling pin), thank you for the suggestion!

@peebles I like the sounds of that pizza, if I had a local deli which made fresh ones I would go there too. Unfortunately we only really have 'takeaway' pizzas nearby & since starting the 5:2 lifestyle, my gut isn't too happy with 'proper' pizza, maybe it is because of the oil?! Anyway, I still love pizza (real or fake!) & don't consider the cauliflower pizza as an inferior ersatz because it is delicious :)

@Merlin don't like pizza? I did not know people like you existed ;)
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