Quick'n'Dirty Latte
13 Feb 2013, 05:37
If you're craving a Latte and want to avoid the usual coffeeshop fayre, it's easy enough to make at home or in the office with minimal hassle.

Simply make up some black coffee - either instant or filter - you can add some kind of sweetener if that is what you want, personally I can take it without.

Now for the milk, now if you have a fancy espresso maker, you may be already steaming up milk to put a froth on top, I don't. Over here in Cyprus, practically every household has a Frappe maker, these range from small battery operated right up to stand mounted machines which are similar to the milkshake makers of old. Look up frappe maker on Amazon or eBay and you'll find them - they are relatively inexpensive. A stick blender may work, though you;ll need a suitable container or the milk will spray everywhere.

Milk wise, the really low fat skimmed stuff works best, in the past we tried it with skimmed, semi-skimmed and full fat so just take my word for it. Put a little in the bottom of a suitable container - it's around 10 cals per fluid ounce/30.6g - then put the frappe maker to work. You'll end up with a quantity of froth which you can pour on top of your coffee.

The frappe maker can also be used to make frappe, a kind of iced coffee - very popular in Greece and Cyprus. I'll save that till the summer :D