I plan a fast/light day today after (another!) day of indulgence yesterday. (At least the previous 2 days had been okay.)

We had friends for lunch, and I easily consumed more than a day's worth of cals just at lunch. This was followed by an evening of eating, and a further day's worth plus of cals...!! We had the most terrific thunder storm in the afternoon, I have never seen rain like it. We had a waterfall all along the back of our house from the overflowing gutters which went on for many minutes. No internal leaks thank heavens in the main living areas, but the laundry and workshop downstairs got a bit flooded.

But it was much worse for our son in his flat, where water came through the light fitting in the ceiling, saturating the bed underneath, and doing goodness knows what damage to the ceiling and walls. Not a good time of year to get this attended to. Hopefully it will all work out okay with the insurance companies...

Anyhow, back to the fasting. I plan to make today a fast or at least light day with minimal sugary carbs. And tomorrow, try to minimise the processed carbs during the day, but might have a few in the evening!

Good luck to all in managing your eating over the festive period! :clover: