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Salted caramel brownie woes
31 Aug 2013, 12:14
So, I decided that this weekend was THE time to do these pieces of lusciousness that have been bookmarked on my bookpad for weeks.
Started by making the caramel, put it into the fridge to set and embarked on the brownies. A look at the pasta salad resplenent with egg mayo, and I realised I didn't have eggs.
I'd already been out for messages but decided to brave the external furnace and go eggs.
A bag of smoked mackerel, rocket, tatties and required eggs later, one very soggy melting mess lay recovering in a darkened room.
When sufficiently cooled, the caramel was calling to be checked. Hmmm, a bit soft looking, so into the freezer with it.
To the brownies now. Another read of the recipe...who slipped in the need for dark chocolate when I was out for eggs?! :curse:
Admitted defeat for the day, phoned the Pobble and got chocolate brought in later.
Meanwhile, the blasted caramel has congealed and welded to the grease proof paper.
So, this morning, not so bright and not so early (beloved returned from business trip :blush:)another attempt at caramel. Tis time using the famous soft ball test technique .
Success! :lol:
Brownie batter made and looks fine, caramel added , poured into the prepared and greased tin and set into the oven for cooking.
Timer set and off I go to get cleaned up.
Looking lovely they are and smelling great, and out of the oven they come.
Engage smug mode...
Dear readers, there are no mishaps, no dropping on the floor, no burning.
I just can't get the blasted paper off them!!! :doh: :starving: :confused:
They are now salted caramel brownies with a greats proof paper garnish.
Hope they taste good when peeled. It'll reduce the calorie content of the blighted because half of the cake will be left behind.
Ho hum....
Re: Salted caramel brownie woes
31 Aug 2013, 12:26
Predictive text has just too much to answer for but I got it, I think, except what is a 'probable'? See what I mean? :curse: Try again, what is a 'pebble'? :curse: Try again, this is getting boring, what is a 'pobble'? :victory:

At last! :lol:

Ballerina x :heart:
Re: Salted caramel brownie woes
31 Aug 2013, 13:31
'the Pobble who has no toes
once had as many as we"
'tis a nonsense rhyme by ?Edward Lear (doesn't seem right) and is the name given to my wee wean (and she actually doesn't mind except when she's at work :oops)
Re: Salted caramel brownie woes
31 Aug 2013, 13:34
Ballerina you've taken the words roght (right?) out of my mouth! :grin: :geek:

Janeg - did you also miss reading the bit where it said, spray the inside of the paper or smear with butter, by any chance?? :shock: :bugeyes: :geek: :wink:
Re: Salted caramel brownie woes
31 Aug 2013, 14:19
Im hungry.....
Re: Salted caramel brownie woes
31 Aug 2013, 15:16
Silver darling, I slathered the paper with butter :(
However, a wee while in the fridge ( and the brownies too- it was a squeeze :shock:)
and the paper peeled off sort of.
And they taste amazing, beautiful texture (even with the paper garnish) so, so good.
Yum yum
Re: Salted caramel brownie woes
31 Aug 2013, 16:44
How would they fair in the post ;)
Re: Salted caramel brownie woes
31 Aug 2013, 17:24
Ah Claire, much as I would love to share these delightful morsels, I know that the post from the sandpit is crap and they would never leave the country. Sad but true...
Re: Salted caramel brownie woes
31 Aug 2013, 17:32
Where are you ?!
I was kidding :)
Re: Salted caramel brownie woes
31 Aug 2013, 17:43
Claire, if Inwas in a civilised country with a decent postal system I would gladly post them to you
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