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Salted caramel
06 Aug 2014, 10:22
I know, I know. I am late to this taste sensation debate and I actually blame @Silverdarling it's that reminder on her signature. Anyway tonight at the supermarket I saw a bottle of salted caramel topping. My thoughts went to my most favourite dessert as a child at the local milk bar (before cafés became the go) ..I digress... I used to adore a scoop of vanilla icecream with a drizzle of caramel and a sprinkle of malt powder. So thus tempted I purchased the said topping and some vanilla ice cream

I have done the damage and I have a new go to dessert . Here is the recipe. 2 scoops of good quality ice cream and 1 scoop of salted caramel topping. Yes I had seconds and now I feel sick. But goodness it was good.
Re: Salted caramel
06 Aug 2014, 10:42
Mmmmm salted caramel..can anything be nicer... XX
Re: Salted caramel
06 Aug 2014, 10:45
I to am late to the salted caramel - and am so glad I have found it. The salted caramel chocolate combo is my favourite at the moment and difficult to get here in the sandpit.
Have made salted caramel brownies which were AMAZING and have not been repeated and also a salted caramel sauce to have on baked peaches with vanilla marscapone and pecan crumbs.
And it's s fast day. You are a bad woman @gillymary ;)
Re: Salted caramel
06 Aug 2014, 10:51
Ooh I know I am very bad and put away that fish I am still paying the price for what I did
Re: Salted caramel
06 Aug 2014, 10:55
Yummmmmm - why am I reading this on my fast day!?
Re: Salted caramel
06 Aug 2014, 13:04
Had a salted caramel macaroon with my coffee when I was out with friends this morning. It was delish!
Re: Salted caramel
06 Aug 2014, 13:48
Doodle wrote: Yummmmmm - why am I reading this on my fast day!?

I'm reading on a fastday too :like:
But no thanks @Silverdarling you can keep it all to yourself thankfully @gillymary I can't stand salted caramel anything aren't I lucky then :shock: :lol: :shock: :lol: :shock: :lol:
Re: Salted caramel
06 Aug 2014, 13:54
Can you believe I've never tried salted caramel anything.
I'd better fetch my coat before @Silverdarling catches me.
Re: Salted caramel
06 Aug 2014, 14:01
I tried salted caramel because of @Silverdarling too!
I am now trying to forget how good it was...
Re: Salted caramel
06 Aug 2014, 19:03
That reminds me! Still have some of the Halen Mon salted caramel sauce that @PennyForthem recommended I buy from Ludlow Food Centre ... And some Doddington's vanilla ice cream

@CarieOates and @sue.Q you do not know what you are missing ... :shock: :cool: :cool: :cool:
Re: Salted caramel
06 Aug 2014, 21:39
Europe has the best food! I'm stuck here with Doritos. At least Doritos are easy to avoid.
Re: Salted caramel
06 Aug 2014, 22:30
@tracieknits - @Wendy darling just posted a photo of salted caramel cookie and choc ice cream on hangout - in Boston!!
Re: Salted caramel
06 Aug 2014, 22:50
Yes, but that's Boston. I live in a tiny town outside of a small town :-)
Re: Salted caramel
06 Aug 2014, 23:06
I have never tried salted caramel anything and am reluctant to do so , in case I get seriously addicted. There are enough hard to resist food temptations in my life without adding to them!
Re: Salted caramel
07 Aug 2014, 03:01
Well, I would have to beg to differ that European food is better. Today I have had the most gorgeous, huge, turkey salad for brunch from a cafe, a salted caramel cookie with chocolate ice cream from a food truck and a fabulous seafood dinner tonight down by the harbour accompanied by a very pretty sunset oh and great beer.

These exciting technicolor foodie offerings bear no resemblance to the unexciting, black and white food that is on offer in East Anglian Never Never Land. I must be eating in the wrong part of Europe. It's a big place and has many different cultures and styles of food.
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