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Re: Worlds Best Diet
28 Jun 2014, 11:03
Interesting to hear from someone else living in France. When I first moved here and was following WW I logged onto the French website to find a meeting. When browsing the shop I found no cookery books, or shopping guide. In the shops we have a limited range of WW ready meals. I discovered the plan is followed here by eating just WW ready meals. I was shocked as I have always cooked from scratch. There are some ready meals appearing now but no low fat butter or cheese and only semi skimmed milk. There are many young mobidly obese to be seen here now. The first Mc D to be built here was burnt down! Sadly Mc D won and they are everywhere now. I heard Starbucks were trying to get in here too. Currently when you go to a cafe you get just the coffee, sometimes with a small biscuit. It is acceptable to buy a bun in the local baker to have with your coffee but it is rare to see anyone do this. It is also rare to see anyone walking along the street eating. You can get crepes and such at Markets when they are on. It is also rare to be able to buy ice cream when out. This afternoon we are going to the cinema where no food or drink is sold! I am convinced it is the 24 hour access to fast food that is the problem. It has been a big lesson for me to cut out snacking. Sadly it is all about big corporations making money.
Why do supermarkets sell fast food cheaper than fresh?
Re: Worlds Best Diet
28 Jun 2014, 11:12
I am surprised to read you can't find lowfat milk, butter or cheese as we have all the 3 here in all the shops and supermarket :shock:

Anyway I believe skimmed milk is more or less water without taste and low fat butter and cheese is unnatural so I wouldn't take them even if I didn't have any other choice. I really prefer eating the "good stuff", even if it's a tiny portion, way more satisfying :wink:
Re: Worlds Best Diet
28 Jun 2014, 11:28
Me too, no chemicals here! Think it is because I live deep in dairy country! Very rural!
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