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Re: Yoghurt: A Healthy Diet!
16 Jan 2015, 19:26
I've been treating myself to maple syrup and pecans in my FAGE on non-fast days. On fast days DaVinci sugar free syrups and cinnamon or a spoonful of cocoa powder. It fills the same needs as ice cream but is far kinder to my metabolism.

The Chobani is okay, and the Stop & Shop (supermarket) brand which sells for $.89 is identical to the Chobani with no additives. It's a smaller container so it is only 80 calories. But definitely the real thing.
Re: Yoghurt: A Healthy Diet!
16 Jan 2015, 19:32
What's the currency between probiotics and probiotics? Where do we find them and which is best for IBS? The reason I ask is because I've just bought probiotics for my of whom has Crohns. Perhaps they would benefit with some Greek yoghurt. :confused:
Re: Yoghurt: A Healthy Diet!
16 Jan 2015, 20:33
FAGE Total (full fat) for me. By staying low carb there's no need taunt one's self with artificial sweeteners, funky flavorings nor lowfat, artificial food.

From what I've recently read, prebiotics and probiotics don't seem all that ready for prime time. There are too many 'bugs' and too little known about each of them to clearly separate the good ones from the bad. Probiotics are almost complely distroyed by stomach acid before they provide much benefit. Money wasted, but when has that stopped the marketers? Of course there might :bugeyes: be a possibility of putting them up the downstaircase to get them where they're needed more or less intact. Seems best to leave that for medical study volunteers. Prebiotics (fiber) feed feed the probiotics, but there again which of them - beyond the common ones - are good for what?
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