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Yummy fast-friendly treat
18 Jun 2014, 21:15
Check out 'Smooze' ice lollies. They are made with coconut and fruit (pink guava, pineapple or mango) and are the sort that are long life and you freeze yourself. They vary slightly but are about 65 cals each. They're not enormous but are so delicious and the texture (creamy but frozen) means that you can make one last a while. My children and I love them!
Re: Yummy fast-friendly treat
18 Jun 2014, 21:33
They sound lovely and refreshing W! Where can i buy?
Asda have little mini cornettos,only 57 cals each..£2 for a box of 12 x a handy low cal treat.
You couldnt be vexed as my friend's mum used to say! :lol:
Re: Yummy fast-friendly treat
18 Jun 2014, 21:52
I get mine from ocado.
Re: Yummy fast-friendly treat
19 Jun 2014, 00:08
can you make them from scratch so they dont have nasty commercial company additives?
Re: Yummy fast-friendly treat
19 Jun 2014, 05:29
These don't contain nasties, but yes, you probably could. I make most ice lollies we eat; most are a mixture of whatever fruit is hanging around made into a smoothie, but no reason why you couldn't add coconut milk.
Re: Yummy fast-friendly treat
19 Jun 2014, 05:59
Thankyou winsome will investigate. That's just what we may need with our predicted hot summer !?
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