Adding pictures to your posts
01 Jan 2014, 14:44
How to add a photo to your post:

:heart: go to full reply button not quick reply
:heart: when you get the 'reply' window, scroll down, and you will see two tabs, one says 'options' and the other says 'upload attachment' - this is the one you want, so click on it :lol:
:heart: click on the 'choose a file' button, then click on 'choose existing'
:heart: you will then find yourself in your photo files: you select one in the normal way, and it should appear as a very tiny thumbnail next to 'choose a file' -
:heart: if you look to the right, you will see another button 'add the file' - click on this
:heart: the page will refresh (wait a moment or two) and your file will appear not as photo, but as 'image.jpg' - with another button, 'place inline' - click this :shock: :wink:
:heart: your photo will then appear in the reply window as a line of djckxjjs not a photo:
:heart: you can check to see if all is ok by using the 'preview' button
:heart: your photo should display in 'preview' - if all ok, click 'submit' button :like: