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Policy Regarding Discussion of Extended Fasting

This forum exists to discuss basic 5:2 and similar short-period fasting and calorie-restriction interventions. We are not here to 'nanny' you, however, we do not encourage extended fasts undertaken without medical supervision and would prefer these topics not be discussed here both for reasons of legal responsibility and concern for our members' health. Posts advocating inadequately-supervised near-zero-calorie fasts of longer than 36 hours will have a public warning placed above them and posts will be edited as deemed necessary by forum staff.

We encourage members to report any posts relating to extended fasting, using the 'exclamation mark' icon at the top right of the post. If we feel something is unsuitable or may cause harm we reserve the right to remove/edit a post, remove/lock a topic or ban a member.

This policy has been developed based on a lengthy discussion by forum staff and also with forum members, click here to read about it and better understand our reasons for this policy.

Note that we may make exceptions for topics in the 5:2 Lab forum which may wish to discuss the results, findings and methodologies etc relating to formal research on extended fasting.

In all cases the FastDay Forum Administrator's decision is final and banning, removal of links etc is at the Admin's discretion.


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