Re: January 2015 weigh in
13 Feb 2015, 11:00
My starting weight in January was 52.9 kg, which I was very pleased about after Christmas.
My last weigh in on January was on the 30th, 53.8 kg
So I have gone up a kilo..... but that was part of the plan.
I am making this way of eating fit my life.
I fasted the 'little fast' in Advent ( Dec. 23: 51.3 kg) I had an almost 21:3 strict eating window, it was fairly easy and it sure worked.
I did feel a bit of 'diet fatigue' afterwards, though. I am going to do the 40 day Lenten Fast starting next Wednesday, so I have decided to eat a lot in January. Lunches and coffee times. Desserts and things. Lovely. I am longing to fast, but I have only done the Thursday fasts. After yesterday my weight was 54, 3 kg. I've like forced myself NOt to diet at all. I has been very interesting.
I am glad I can do my Lenten fast on this Forum. so see you next Wednesday! :smile: