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Hi @ADFnFuel, and sorry you don't like the green banner along the top. Unfortunately I have learned that it's impossible to please everyone and no one else either on the revamp tester team or since the site went live has complained about it. It is not something we are looking to change I'm afraid, on a desktop it is not difficult to scroll down, and on a mobile device the bar is smaller. I hope you'll get used to it. Do remember that people landing on the site from search engines or off site links won't always come in at the home page or login screen, so won't get the striking effect of it if it wasn't consistent throughout the site.

EDIT: I've had a little look at whether we might be able to add an option to remove it/display it differently based on user preferences. This may be do-able within the forum/tracker/user blogs and if demand is great enough then I'll certainly consider working on it :) The green bar on the main content site would remain though.

I'm sorry, I'm not quite sure what you mean by the 'new posts banner', but the templates for these areas of the forum are shared between multiple listings (search results, view new topics/active topics/unanswered etc etc) - this is how the forum software itself works. So, while it may not look brilliant if there are only a few posts listed, we feel it looks nice the majority of the time.

Reducing the width of your browser window will adjust the display mode to tablet or mobile sized (you may need to reload when you do this, to force the advertisements to resize... the Google ads only seem to be smart about that when it comes to actual screen size changes rather than resizing the browser window).

May I ask what device/browser you are using please? I haven't spotted the varying width of the last post column? I'll take a look at that as they shouldn't be varying that much! Whereabouts is it that you are finding the font too small? Thanks.
@Moogie I went back and changed all my weigh-ins since I reached goal (close to three years now!!) to "maintaining". I had been marking them "trying to lose" but that was just silly vanity on my part, and I'm really not a vain person. I was perceiving first 7 stone and then 100 pounds as such nice round numbers that I wanted to stay there. But I've been between 100 and 102 pounds for 16 months with total consistency and I am very happy with that.

Anyway, the first part of my trend line is very much correct now, but then it becomes bell shaped. Very odd. Take a look. I don't care at all, but would like to see the trend line behave correctly for others who are still in the losing phase.

Also, why is there no "your posts" category anymore?


NOTE: for those who don't know me, I'm the smallest person on this site, and therefore 100 pounds is still the middle of the normal BMI range for me. So don't picture me as stick-thin, cause I'm definitely not!
Thanks @WendyJane, I think we should revert to the original trendline.

Apologies, the 'your posts' link must be an accidental omission on my part. I'll add it as soon as I'm back at my desk. Meanwhile you can reach it here:

Liking it so far@moogie! :like: gettin a bit lost but that will pass...and yr new pic is sensational! Yr hair looks fab!x
Moogie wrote: Thanks @WendyJane, I think we should revert to the original trendline.

You should play around with it, certainly, but the original trendline on my page was a line from start to today, which made no sense at all. If the line went from start to goal reached, that would be just fine.

Moogie - another bug. When I look at my tracker as others see it, this line appears at the top: "Your current settings do not allow for other users to view this page." But other users CAN view the page- it also says the page is what other users see.
Sadly, there aren't any other options on the trendline settings, however as the trendline ignores 'maintaining' data points it should work rather better. The new trendline is a bit hit and miss. I'll swap it when I'm back at my desk :)

Thanks @CandiceMarie! I love my hair, but it's about the only part of me I do these days, haha. One of these days I shall be well enough to get fasting again tho :)
Oh @Moogie, it's beautiful! And I'm so happy my avatar is back! I thought I'd have to dig up the picture and figure out how to make it small enough again.

I was struggling at first but the cookie clearing tip did the trick.
Moogie wrote: Thanks @WendyJane

Apologies, the 'your posts' link must be an accidental omission on my part. I'll add it as soon as I'm back at my desk. Meanwhile you can reach it here:


It's there as a sub-menu. Just click on your user name in the orange box (center window, right side). See it?
I havent logged in here for ages! love the new look .. reaaaaaaaaaaaaaallly love the new look. Well done Moogie!

oh wow well done. :like: :like: :like: :like: :like: :like: :like: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
Thanks so much @Juliana.Rivers, really glad you like it :D I think it's a lot fresher and more uplifting than the old one.
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