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Caroline and the team have been hard at work to make the FastDay Program even BETTER!

We've listened to user feedback (and goodness me, have we had a great response to the program, thank you everyone!) and have tweaked the free program so that it now takes just 4 weeks - which we hope will encourage more new fasters to give it a go. We seasoned fasters may know that fasting is a habit for a lifetime, but it is our hope to really kick-start new fasters into this way of eating, helping them to learn the basics of fasting and nutrition more quickly and easily than before - setting them on the path to healthy habits which they can continue forever!

Designed to help you establish fasting as a part of your normal life, the FastDay Program is ideal for people who need a bit more structure and support when just starting out. It includes loads of informative articles, along with weekly challenges and group chat for support & encouragement with fellow Program members.

We're also developed an extended FastDay Program, over a period of 10 weeks which offers expert guidance, more advanced nutrition articles and much much more. We're able to offer this 10 week program for the bargain price of £15. Yes, that's £15 for the WHOLE 10 weeks - not a lot we think, but you get a lot for the money. This one is already proving popular and if you give it a go, you'll see why!

The Program is App-based, through the Ways of Eating App which is available for free on Android and iOS devices. It starts every Thursday, but you can sign up any time.

Find out more here:

For those who feel they need some extra one-to-one support, there is also a personal expert coached version available, which includes a free personalised plan made just for you (normally £24) - you can see a sample plan here.

With these new options we hope to provide something for everyone - whether you just need the basic free package, or are looking for something a bit more tailored to your own situation.
Thanks @moogie @carorees and team for all yr hard work.
That sounds like a bargain specially when you look at the membership fees and weekly costs for,say for example,Slimmers World / Weight Watchers.
I think this could really encourage newbie fasters,coz at first,fasting can seem a very daunting prospect and following yr plan could just make all the difference to whether someone gets into it or not.
I don't know everything about fasting ..theres always more to learn.....but am fairly confident after almost three years of 5:2 ( on and off! ) and all the advice/ friendship here over that time ( thanks folks!) that i can do it easily whenever i choose.
I feel sure this plan and the other plan with extra bells and whistles will be popular with both newbies and those who are struggling..i hope so after all yr dedication to providing it xx :like: good luck!
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