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Hi all,

Just a quick message to apologise for the issues with registration recently. I'm so behind on my emails this year as my personal life has been a total mess for the last 6 months - my husband up and left very unexpectedly in the new year and it's thrown everything into disarray.

Registration should be working again now and the SSL problem is also resolved - this was an oversight at my host's end and hopefully didn't cause problems for long!

take care all & happy fasting!

Thank you @Moogie! I'm so sorry to hear about your husband. I hope that you are doing ok!
I echo cblasz's comment. :smile: :clover:
Have only just seen this @Moogie as today am doing a ' rare these days' fast...and also wanted to say hello to all.
I was just thinking what a lovely new pic of Moogie! You so suit yr new hairstyle!
Then i saw your news..I am so sorry that life has thrown so much to contend with at you over the last few years XX

Thinking of you and hoping that things are sorting themselves out, and also praying you are seeing some progress with ME symptoms..the stress doesnt help at all does it

Love to you and the kitkats XX
Dear @Moogie, I too have only just seen your post and would like to pass on my sympathies for the major upset in your life. It is always difficult when relationships break down, especially if you didn't see it coming. I hope that you are keeping yourself on an even keel and that your health has not suffered any further setbacks. Take care of yourself and the cats. Have you still got the fish too? Thank you so much for still keeping this website up and running. There may not be many of us posting nowadays but it means a lot to us! :heart: :heart:
Oh, Moogie
I’ve just come back to the Forum and I’m also really sorry to hear your news. Look after yourself - and my thanks also for keeping the website going.
I hope you don’t mind me saying that my marriage broke down very suddenly too (quite a while ago) and it is awful, but you will come through it.
...and your hair looks great!! [incompatible emoji removed]
Are there still problems. I've come back to the site after a fair time and can't seem to find many recent posts and the tracker doesn't work?
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