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Last week, I was (after three and a half very long years) diagnosed with ME/CFS. So today I'd like to ask what changes (good or bad!) you've noticed in your health since you started fasting? It would be especially interesting to hear from any of you who suffer with chronic illness and whether your symptoms have lessened or changed since you took up intermittent fasting.


Note that your responses may be used in a future post on FastDay.
Back when my thryoid was a roller coaster due to grave's disease (hyperthyroid), regular fasting with 5:2 helped calm it. I would gradually be able to reduce my thyroid medication until I didn't need it any longer. But then I would have another episode where my thyroid freaked out (we eventually realized that my allergies triggered hyperthyroid events, and I have bad seasonal allergies in June, and mild allergies in December to dust mites etc). Fasting wasn't enough to cure my thyroid permanently, but three separate times, it helped me reduce my medication over months until I didn't need it any longer.

We finally gave up trying to manage my hyperthyroid and I got the radioactive ablation.

My endocrinologist is a big fan of intermittent fasting and believes the fasting helped my thyroid.
Hi @Moogie

Since I started this fasting WOL I am much more aware of the calorie value of foods, and also of portion sizes.
I really read the labeling on foods now to see their calorie/kj count (and other nutrient info). It is often surprising, especially some of those products labelled "healthy"! (muesli bars etc)
Although not a conscious decision, I have greatly reduced the amount of pasta and rice I eat. I love both of these, but rarely have them at home now. May have a pasta dish or risotto when eating out.
Bread has also been reduced. I no longer have sandwiches/rolls at lunchtime, and I do *try* to keep my toast consumption down! :-) I love toast! - but try and make it a weekend thing,
But the best thing is I still eat everything - just with an eye to moderation. Fasting let me do that :heart:
These changes have made a difference to my health, all in a good way.

Thanks Moogie for getting me started on this WOL,

Mentally it has given me a real way to control my health. It has given me the tools to know even if I slip up there is a way to get right back at it. This is the number one way of life that clicked with me and I can easily understand and is flexible. I don't know where I would be without 5-2.
Just before fasting started for me which was April 2017 after watching BBC Horizons ep with MM, i was binge eating for no particular reason. Was never full, ate loads of butter, did lots of midnight baking and ate and ate. Anyhow how i see it is that starting IF i arrested this overeating and probably stopped myself reaching an extra 15kg or maybe more.

I feel better
im never bloated

Along with IF, recently i adopted 5 day vegetarianism or flexitarianism and 4:3 combined with this has made me a healthier person..... same with the people around me!
Well, other than helping me to lose 20 pounds in about 2 months (yay!!!), I recently had my yearly blood screening, and it was all good numbers across the board (which never happens)! The bad numbers that are now good are as follows (10/2016 values on left and 10/2017 values on right):

BMI: 28.1 --- 24.9 [supposed to be between 18.5-24.9 -- just made it!]
LDL Cholesterol: 150mg/dl --- 108mg/dl [supposed to be lower than 130mg/dl]
Total Cholesterol: 233 mg/dl --- 176 mg/dl [supposed to be between 125-199 mg/dl]
Triglycerides: 166 mg/dl --- 102 mg/dl [supposed to be less than 150 mg/dl]

I have a family history of high cholesterol & heart disease, so this is fantastic news!

Thanks so much for FastDay! It's made my life so much better!
Wow, @fancyfinch, those are seriously good results! Congratulations! :star: :star: :star: :star:
HI @moogie am so sorry you have had the horrible diagnosis of ME/CFS.
I have suffered the myriad of symptoms that this illness causes and the mayhem it brings to daily life
for over twenty years now.
Reflexology and a programme of paced exercise ( very gentle,building up extremely slowly over a long time) are the two things that helped improve things to some extent,but didnt ever make me better
Sad to say,neither did fasting nor even going Blood Sugar route. I lost 100 pounds and tho many other things improved ( blood test results a lot better,,blood pressure coming down,much less likelihood now of suffering stroke,heart attack,diabetes...even less plaque on teeth!) the general malaise of ME has never gone away.
Everyone is different tho,and i hope you will see better longterm results than i have.
I certainly believe things go on behind the scenes when you fast...resting yr digestive system gives yr body a chance to get on with repairing,and its very satisfying to feel that this is happening!
Because low carbing has been so successful for me, i am more likely to continue with it than to go back to fasting..tho most days now i don't want to eat before noon,so have a fairly long overnight fast
I lose the body pains of my body and feel comfortable with my stomach.
Also my sugar levels become normal. I have avoided using the medicines and fasted thrice a week.
It saved my money and improved my health condition.
i am new to finding out about the 5:2 diet. looks to be very effective for most people.
A very-belated welcome to the group @uclfast!

Yes intermittent fasting can be very effective. Any questions or concerns? We'll do what we can to answer them!
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