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I was just having a play with the filtering of the progress stats to see how those of us who've been doing it more than 6 months are getting on.

The initial figures are:
573 forum members matching your selection are tracking their weight loss progress, 531 of whom have lost a total of 5032.54kg over a combined total of 16189 weeks and 4 days (mean average 30 weeks 3 days).
This is a mean average of 0.308kg lost per member per week (median 0.217kg, standard deviation 0.12kg).
A total of 42 users matching your selection have only logged their starting data so far.

However, when I go and look at the pie charts, it's using all 573 members. Since 42 of them haven't logged any follow-up data, surely they should be excluded from the pie charts? For example one of the charts show that 18.8% already had a healthy BMI at the start and now 49.2% are in the healthy BMI range. This is fantastic progress, but if it was based only on the 531 who have added more data, then the percentages would be different. We don't know why those 42 haven't recorded more data - they may have joined and then never visited again, or they may not have been here for weight loss reasons. Either way, we don't have a clue what their BMI is now, so they shouldn't really be in the charts.
I know what you mean. I don't help those stats at all because I went off 5:2 in May and ballooned up until I (just recently) came back. It is hard then to use my stats as part of the group because I'm bringing everyone else down (as I weigh more now than when I started this back in March).

I'll see what I can do about this in the next version of the tracker. I suppose a simple alternative would be to add an 'unknown' segment to the second chart, which would then make the stats a bit more comparable.
Moogie, it's been a while now, but my average weight loss is being gradually diluted by being on maintenance, I'm kinda considering stopping tracking in order to stop the dilution :(
My apologies Annie, life has been so stupidly busy of late I've just not had the time to sit and continue development on the tracker. I've had work coming in from 3 angles, a house move to prepare for, family visits and Christmas looming >.<;; I'm sorry this has been delayed but it is in the pipeline.

(back to work now, tea-break's over...)
Hey don't worry about it Moogie, you are such a STAR that it's mean of me to even mention it.

Thank you for all the hard work you put in for all of us :heart:
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