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Would you be in favour of an ongoing 'chatterbox'

Poll ended at 17 Dec 2013, 09:33

Yes, I'd like to see a Chatterbox
No I think we have enough opportunities to chat here anyway
Total votes : 28

On another forum, to which I belong, they have a 'chatterbox' thread and it's very popular.
It's where you can post those little thoughts you'd like to share, but hesitate to, because you don't want to start a complete new thread for them.
The model I'm proposing following has a few simple rules:

Each Chatterbox is clearly marked 'Chatterbox' and starts with a name beginning with 'A' and goes boy/girl/boy etc.
So you have for example
Chatterbox Alphonso, Chatterbox Beatrice

Each one runs for 2000 posts and, when 2000 is reached, the person posting the 2000th post starts the next thread.

I think we have a good (and strong) enough community to support this now. Of course, like the rest of the board here, rules of politeness and 'hettykett' will apply.

What do you think? I've done a fun poll, which I'll let run till Monday 10pm GMT!!! I'll keep bumping this during the weekend so you can read and decide.

@Moogie I can't see any problems with this and maybe it could sit in the top of the Non diet chat forum.
Sounds like a great idea where's this poll then :?: :grin:
:doh: :doh: :oops: ok, seen it now and voted! x :razz:
Sounds like a good idea to me, I love chatting, or was stating the obvious? :lol:
I have now voted

Ballerina x :heart:
Thank you Penny, yes please. I often feel like that, have voted
I think this is an excellent idea. It would be nice to have an ongoing conversation instead of trying to stick to topic (not that that has ever really stopped anyone here from posting off-topic! :razz:)
Have voted ! :like: :wink:
No problem at all with this, in fact at my other forum we have 'BMD', which is 'Bored Members Discussion', where folks can come in and post random quick stuff which doesn't really need a whole topic. It gets closed when it reaches X pages and then whoever starts the next one gets to name it, eg:
"BMD... why cows are spotty" and similarly random names.
:heart: @PennyForthem great idea+ voted :heart: Sue
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