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Re: Almond Milk Bargain
08 Oct 2014, 23:59
Does the fresh Almond Milk taste better than the tetra pak shelf stable form? I use the latter for fast day cocoa, but I'm not crazy about the taste.
Re: Almond Milk Bargain
09 Oct 2014, 06:01
@peebles. Yes because you can control the quantity of almonds to water plus any sweetener if you desire. I buy unsweetened 365 almond organic from Whole Foods but I honestly prefer to make my own. Especially brazil nut.
Re: Almond Milk Bargain
09 Oct 2014, 06:52
I made my own once but wasn't really sure how to work out the calorie count - any ideas? The 2 ready made brands I buy, Alpro and Diamond Breeze have slightly different values.
Re: Almond Milk Bargain
09 Oct 2014, 07:03
Thanks @Juliana.Rivers, there are two shops selling it an equal short distance from me. :)
Re: Almond Milk Bargain
09 Oct 2014, 11:28
chinchin wrote: Thanks @Juliana.Rivers, there are two shops selling it an equal short distance from me. :)

Let me know what it's like chinchin. Harris Farms and other shops in Sydney are too far for me to make a special journey. or close a bit too early on the one day im right next door.

I was making almond milk from scratch but work and stuff got in the way. i hope this new stuff is as good as they say it is as I get a bit sick of the So Good branded one but its better than nothing. ocassionally its at like $2.50 a carton so stock up on it. at $3.70 its a bit exxy
Re: Almond Milk Bargain
09 Oct 2014, 15:04
I don't have the patience to make it at home, and I suspect that if I did, the calorie count would soar, because I suspect it is the wateriness of the tetrapak stuff that makes it so low calorie. I buy the version with no sweetener. But I also have a thing about avoiding foods with added phosphates, as they are quite hard on our vascular system and kidneys, so Almond Breeze is the only brand I will buy.

I just wondered how different the stuff is found in the Dairy Case at the supermarket. It's more expensive, and I barely get through the small TetraPak before it goes bad, so I haven't tried it.
Re: Almond Milk Bargain
09 Oct 2014, 16:22
I get the alpro unsweetened when its on offer (£1 in Tesco at the moment) - love a glass of it at the end of a fast day, will definitely try gillymary's idea. I drink it alongside cow's milk- can't stand the taste of anything else in tea& coffee, and I am one of those weird people who has absolutely no problem digesting dairy or wheat - I know, what's wrong with me!

I like my almond milk on cereal, in smoothies & porridge, and one day I will have to try making my own as I have heard it is so different. I bet brazil nut milk is fabulous but I think I just heard my belt ping just thinking about it!
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