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Almond Milk Bargain
02 Apr 2014, 16:08
The fresh almond milk is £1 a litre at the moment in Saisbury's. Needs to be kept in the fridge but has a long use by date of over 2 months
Re: Almond Milk Bargain
02 Apr 2014, 16:42
:like: Even when supermarkets charge their full price for Almond Milk I consider it the best swap I ever made. :smile: I could never stomach skimmed milk or UHT varieties, :razz: but since swapping from my usual semi skim, my asthma and sinus problems have vastly improved- which I am convinced is down to reducing dairy intake. I use Almond milk in porridge....can't stand it made with water :lol: and I use it in my fresh fruit smoothies (YUMMY) at only 26cals per 200ml it saves on cals too :grin:
Re: Almond Milk Bargain
04 Apr 2014, 12:00
I recently switched to almond milk. Need to convince the family now.
Re: Almond Milk Bargain
04 Apr 2014, 13:10
Having trouble getting time for the fresh almond milk i tried making recently.

where do you get fresh almond milk in Australia. suspect our population downunder is too low. grrrrr
Re: Almond Milk Bargain
09 Apr 2014, 13:23
how does almond milk taste compared to SS milk? Been considering swapping to it, but don't want to swap only to find out I don't like it and have wasted a pound (yes I know, a horrific amount!) Also how does it taste with tea? I can't survive a fast day without my cuppas!
Re: Almond Milk Bargain
09 Apr 2014, 17:29
I'm not that keen on it as a substitute in tea and coffee. I use it on my one bowl of cereal a week ( close your ears low carbers) I make porridge and bircher muesli with it and on fast days I make a cup of cocoa with 200 mls of it at bed time - around 30 cals and I think nicer than the low cal hot chocolate type drinks. The unsweetened type has less than half the calories of skimmed milk
Re: Almond Milk Bargain
09 Apr 2014, 22:35
Depends on the brand completely. They are all wildly different.

My fave shop bought one is sweetened So Good. It's so good (pardon the pun) i have to limit purchases or i can drink a litre a day.

Love it cold from the fridge, straight.

I cant or dont like to drink cows milk. Used to have rice milk but then changed to Oat milk till i discovered almond milk

dont think almond milk is suitable for either tea or coffee as it has a flavour in itself
Re: Almond Milk Bargain
10 Apr 2014, 07:34
I made Yorkshire puddings with my almond milk the other day and they were yummy.I think it adds a nice taste to my coffee.
Re: Almond Milk Bargain
23 Jul 2014, 05:15
I admit that my taste buds are not the most refined....but I don't mind Almond Milk in tea or coffee. It is nicer than Soya Milk. I have not entirely switched but I am trying to reduce dairy in general, as I have too much milk and yoghurt......
Re: Almond Milk Bargain
23 Jul 2014, 05:36
I once made leek and potato soup with sweetened almond milk by mistake. That was disgusting!

I do use unsweeted almond milk, but I prefer coconut milk and will always buy that when it is available. I've never liked cow's milk very much.
Re: Almond Milk Bargain
23 Jul 2014, 06:25
I'm a coconut milk fan too. I have it in chai. Lovely. I would have it in porridge but of course I no longer have porridge. Oooohhh those naughty carbs! I bought some almond milk on the advice of Rawkaren because it's good for sleep but for some reason I can't bring myself to try it! I was going to make hot chocolate with it. Silly and I don't know why.
Thanks for letting us know about the bargain Lil
Re: Almond Milk Bargain
06 Aug 2014, 10:10
The long life Alpro almond milk is currently on offer at £1 a litre in Sainsbury's. I just managed to get some this morning on my 3rd attempt - it seems to be flying off the shelves
Re: Almond Milk Bargain
06 Aug 2014, 10:36
My favourite drink at the end of a successful fluid fasting day is piping hot unsweetened almond milk with 2 squares of cooking chocolate melted into it. By thus time of the fast day I am not counting calories just want comfort. This drink hits the spot in spades . Yum :sleepy:
Re: Almond Milk Bargain
08 Oct 2014, 19:40
Almond milk fresh and long life currently £1 a litre in Tesco's
Re: Almond Milk Bargain
08 Oct 2014, 22:42
Theres a new almond milk thats fresh on the block in Australia. Can get in Harris farm. i havent tried it yet

Its called Inside out Almond milk
harris farm link ... ld-pressed
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