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The actual link to full Amazon is kind of buried in the first paragraph:

When you buy products through our links a small commission will be paid to this website at no cost to you, which helps us to cover the running costs of the site. Below is a selection of products that might be useful to you as a 5:2 Fast Dieter, however if you wish to order other items from Amazon and therefore make a contribution towards the site, please use this link to access ... gforcec-20

Perhaps @Moogie could color code the link in red or some other color that stands out more. :)
Hmm there seems to be some problem with the link on the shop page.

When I click the link in your post it takes me to a us amazon, but when I click the link on the shop page, it takes me to the uk page. If I click the link a bit below, where it says click here for us amazon, the page just reloads and does not go to amazon.

I'll try to save your link and try to remember to use it. The forum will get rich, as I buy a boatload from Amazon ;-)
The forum shop link sends you to the general forum shop page, the first link is for, after the lists of sites available to shop from you'll see "Based in the USA or need to access click here" this link will send you to a similar page with the 3 pages of catagories, this is also where you will see the link I posted above to have full access to

I didn't have any problem accessing any of the links, could be your internet went a bit quirky, stop and refresh. :)
Ah ok I see how it works now. It's a bit confusing. I would have written that page a bit differently, I wonder if others got confused and gave up.

But ok no worries for now, just have to remember to use that link and not just instinctively enter

Thanks For the help Betsy
Used my julienne gadget for the first time today...its great.
I did courgette strips mixed with a little lemon and orange peel strips, 1.5 minutes in the microwave.
Has anyone any other good idea for things to do with this great gadget?
Thank you to all on this site who told me about that a word?
I have julienned sweet potato, courgette (zuchini) butternut squash, carrot, cucumber...I'm sure there's more but I can't think of it now. I've made salads (a favorite is raw pad thai or coleslaw is always good) or just used it instead of pasta. I'm sure there must be other things you can do though...
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